At PJ Trailers, we don’t want to be just another trailer company.  We want to be an industrious and innovative leader in the trailer world. That’s why we’ve worked with the best and brightest to pioneer products that greatly enhance our trailers’ functionality, efficiency and safety.  By adding products like Ready-Rail, Blackwood and Monster accessories, we’re certain that we’re providing you with the best trailers on the market, so that you can get what you need done faster and smarter.

Below, we’ve put together a lineup of our innovations, so you can learn a little more about why we’re so excited for each of them.  To learn more, make sure to visit our Innovations page, and see how you can add some of these to your rig.


Ready-Rail® is a patent-pending rail system that allows the user to customize their trailer to their specific needs through bolt-on accessories.  It’s the perfect product for those of you who need the ultimate versatility from your trailer, since bolting on and off is easy and has the power to transform your trailer over time.

Accessories include Ready Rings for tying down loads; the landscape toolbox for efficient, lockable storage of more delicate landscaping tools; a bench vise that can transform your trailer into a mobile workshop for cutting and welding; a bed divider for instant trailer organization; and so much more.  Go hereto see the full list of products and what PJ Trailers models come equipped with Ready-Rail®.

Want to make your trailer the ultimate versatile machine?

Blackwood Rubber-Infused Lumber

Blackwood is a wooden lumber product with rubber infused to the top of each board.  This deceptively simple innovation solves several age-old trailer lumber problems.  For example, Blackwood considerably improves traction, making loading and unloading easier, especially in wet weather conditions.