UTV & Side-by-Side Trailers

The UTV/Side by Side industry is hotter than ever in North America. These vehicles provide incredible versatility and rider comfort for exploring the great outdoors.

PJ Trailers manufactures utility trailers with UTV owners in mind. Every PJ utility comes equipped with our Patent Pending Ready Rail® system. This system allows each frame upright to also serve as a perfect tie-down point with our Ready Ring D-rings. You will never struggle to find that perfect attachment point on your trailer again.

UTV Trailer Lengths

Our most common configuration for hauling a single UTV is our 12 and 14 ft single axle UTVs. If you have a UTV that measures 120 inches (10 ft), we typically would recommend going to up in trailer length by 2 ft to a 14 ft trailer. This gives you room for a cooler, gas can, and other gear you might need on your trip. For hauling multiple UTVs a tandem axle trailer in 20 or 22 ft are popular choices. You should also consider a tandem axle if you plan to haul side loaded quads or dirt bikes in front of a UTV.

UTV Trailer Widths

Most UTVs measure 60″ – 64″ wide. Our 72″ wide utility (U2) will give you the narrowest trailer for a UTV. The 72″ U2 has an outside of width of 90″ from fender to fender. This is especially important if you plan on pulling your trailer through tight trails or store your trailer in a small garage. Other popular choices are our 77″ and 83″ wide utilities. These give you more room for extra gear and side loading other vehicles when used with our ATV side ramps.

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ATV Side Load Ramps

One way to increase the versatility of your UTV trailer is to add ATV side load ramps. These ramps replace the uprights and rail in front of your axle. The ramps can be used to side load an ATV or dirt bike. They are also great for loading pallet cargo from the side with a fork lift.

Buggy Haulers and Deckovers

One of the most versatile units we build for hauling multiple UTVs and ATVs is our 5″ Channel Buggy Hauler (B5). With a 102″ width and drive over fenders, you will have the most loading options while also keeping a low deck height.

UTV Tilt Trailers

Our Single Axle HD Tilt (T1) is perfect for quickly loading UTVs in tight places. It is hydraulically cushioned for smooth and safe operation. It also includes d-rings in all 4 corners. It is also equipped with a single 7,000 lbs axle giving you almost 5,000 lbs of cargo carrying capacity. This HD unit also allows you to load small cars, tractors, mowers, scissor lifts, and more!

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