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Steel Gooseneck Tradesmen Body (GT)

steel gooseneck tradesmen body GT

The GT comes in four lengths with a 48” width deck, is designed to haul trailers from bumper or gooseneck positions, and features an opossum belly and large toolboxes.

Lengths Available
7' 0", 8' 6", 9' 4", 11' 4"
Finish Type
Super durable high gloss powdercoating with powder primer
One (1) Year Limited Workmanship Warranty

Subject to the requirements, exclusions and limitations stated below, the structure of the PJ truck body is warranted to the original retail purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship by PJ Truck Beds, arising from normal use for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Finish Warranty
One (1) Year Limited Finish Warranty

PJ Truck Beds warrants its finishes to be consistent with industry standards for one (1) year after the date of original retail purchase, with the exception of “normal use” limitations set forth below and of deterioration due to use, physical damage, or exposure, such as chipping, scratching, fading, cracks in caulk seams, road salt, tar, or pressure washing. Rust streaking originating from areas where it is virtually impossible to achieve total paint or powder coat coverage, i.e. behind rub rails or where two or more metals adjoin, are considered to be consistent with industry standards and not covered.

Light Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on LED lights

Standard Feature Click + for Options
Full-Length Side Skirt With Aluminum Treadplate Trim

A one-piece, no exposed seam skirt that provides less corrosion and oxidation. The aluminum trim adds a polished, brighter look to your work truck.

Available Options

6" Channel Runners

Heavier runners allow users to haul more concentrated loads without sacrificing the structural integrity of the body.

Backup Camera w/Monitor

Be safe and increase ease while backing your vehicle.

Frame Rails
4" Structural Channel Steel Frame Rails

4″ structural channel frame rails provide strength, durability, and prevent any rusting from the interior of the tube.

1/8" Steel Tread Plate Deck

This strong and long-lasting deck is designed for heavy-duty work, withstanding the rigorous conditions that our bodies are placed under.

Available Options

3/16" Tread Plate Floor

Our 3/16” deck is a heavier duty deck that allows users to haul more weight. The increased thickness prevents warping when loaded with concentrated weight and improves the longevity of the body.

3" Steel Roll Formed 3/16" Channel Crossmembers

Industry leading specs to provide exceptional durability and longevity.

Available Options

Extra Crossmembers

Increased strength for maximized payload capacity.

Bumper Pull Hitch
18,500 lb. Independently Rated Steel Drop Hitch

Our independently rated bumper pull hitch gives you a best in class towing capacity as it is integrated into the entire frame. With full access to the receiver and integrated safety chain loops.

Available Options

24K Rear Hitch With 2.5" Receiver Tube ILO 18.5K Rear Hitch

Maximized towing capacity for the safest experience for users when towing trailers with our bodies.

Gooseneck Hitch
30,000 lb. Independently Rated Gooseneck Hitch

This is an independently tested gooseneck hitch that will remain durable throughout your hauls. It contains a 7-way electrical plug to give you ample choices for your power-driven needs.

Available Options

B&W Turnover Ball (30K Rating)

The 30,000 lb. B&W Turnover Ball option gives users the ability to switch back and forth from gooseneck to 5th wheel.

No Gooseneck Box

We offer a configuration that gives a solid deck front to rear for customers wishing to utilize their truck body without hauling their trailer in a gooseneck position.

Gooseneck Trough 4-1/2" X 18" X 22"

Our gooseneck trough allows users to hook up their trailer more easily by lifting and lowering it up to 4" in each direction

Solid One Piece with Tapered Corners
Fuel Fill
Angled Fuel Fill

The angled fuel fill ensures that you won’t have to worry about fueling your work truck or splashing fuel back on yourself.

Steel Radius Fenders A durable and better-looking fender that will serve you well on the road.

Available Options

5" Stainless Steel Fenders (Bed Will Be 10" Narrower)

Stainless fenders are anti-corrosion and offer a stylish touch to your truck bed.

Headache Rack
Steel Tube Headache Rack

Our headache racks are designed with strong materials to keep you safe when the unexpected happens and include LED lighting to make your stop, turn, and tag lights easier to be seen and recognized.

Available Options

60" Tall Headache Rack (53" From Deck To Top)

For users with taller cab profiles, we offer a taller rack that meets the truck cab's height and allows the bed to fit the cab better.

Super Duty (60" And 84" Cab To Axle Only) (41" From Deck To Top)

For users with taller cab profiles, we offer a taller rack that meets the truck cab's height and allows the bed to fit the cab better.

Formed Steel Bumper With Aluminum Tread Plate Trim

The aluminum trim provides a brighter, more polished look to the bumper of your work truck.

Side Step Location
Side Running Boards with Rear Recessed Footholes
Box Style With Integrated Latch
Steel Recessed One-Piece

Single piece doors give strength and a seamless look.

Black T Handle Compression with weather proof keyhole
Door Hinges
Full Length Piano Hinges

Keep your doors where you put them. Piano hinges ensure that your doors will stay open when positioned.

Tie Downs
(4) 24" Airline Track Tie downs (2) Attachment Rings

Available Options

360° Stainless Steel Swivel Tie Downs

Our beds are made to haul heavy materials, and you can safely secure your cargo with our 360° Stainless Steel Swivel Tie Downs.

Zinc Plated Flush-Mounted Tie Downs

Deck mount, long-lasting tie-down rings are a great way to ensure that your cargo is safe and secure while traveling.

(4) Integrated toolboxes plus (2) top-open 3/4 length shovel boxes

Available Options

Low Profile Front Box
2 Drawer Tool Box

24"W x 12"H x 13 3/4"D

American Eagle Six Drawer Toolbox
Plastic Storage Bins
CTech Cabinet TM Dual Wheel Six Drawer
CTech Cabinet TMX Single Wheel
Weather Stripping
HD Square Foam

Weatherstripping is an essential feature for anybody. Our doors are sealed with square foam weatherstripping to ensure that no moisture gains entry to the interior of our toolboxes.

Side Markers
3/4" Bullet Lighting
Rear Lighting
Stop, turn, tail, back up, and tag lights in skirt

Available Options

Two Work Lights in Rear

Our work lights provide users with a safer and more productive workspace.

Oblong Chrome Flush-Mounted (ER Style) LED Headache & Tail Skirt Lights
Light Box
Steel Light Box (Rear Skirt)

Available Options

Oblong Cast Light Box

Gives your bed a polished and finished look.

Wiring Harness
7-way Round & 4-way Trailer Plug

Available Options

7-way round and 4-way flat plug on the rear tailboard. 7-way round trailer plug in gooseneck box


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