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5" Channel Equipment (CE)

5" Channel Equipment Trailer (CE)

A versatile workhorse that’s equipped with the features needed to overcome the challenges ahead, the 5" Channel Equipment Trailer (CE) is ready for any and all of your light- to medium-duty hauling tasks.

The CE is constructed for long-term durability, designed to stand strong haul after haul and day after day. Plus, its low-profile, slide-in ramps, and rear support jacks make loading and unloading a smoother experience, and it’s outfitted with a front bump rail and attachment points to keep whatever you're hauling safe and secure during transportation.

Trailer Specifications

83" Deck Width

16' – 22' Deck Lengths

9,899 lbs GVWR

7,249—7,579 lbs Load Capacity

Model Pull Type GVWR Empty Weight Deck Length Deck Width Tongue Length
CE (16') Bumperpull 9899 lbs 2320 lbs 16 83" 4' 7" (55")
CE (18') Bumperpull 9899 lbs 2420 lbs 18 83" 4' 7" (55")
CE (20') Bumperpull 9899 lbs 2540 lbs 20 83" 4' 7" (55")
CE (22') Bumperpull 9899 lbs 2650 lbs 22 83" 4' 7" (55")

Standard Feature Click + for Options
Axles [52BS] (2) 5,200# Electric / Spring

Available Options

[62BS] (2) 5,200# Electric / Spring With Upgrade to 235/80 R16 on 52k Axles [62CS] (2) 5,200# One Electric / Spring With Upgrade to 235/80 R16 on 52k Axles

Suspension 6-Leaf Slipper Spring Suspension
Tongue 5" Channel Tongue
Coupler [J] BP 2-5/16" Adjustable (14,000 lb.)

Available Options

[J] BP 2-5/16" Adjustable (14,000 lb.) [P] 3" Pintle Eye - Channel-Mount (20,000 lb.)

Safety Chains 5/16" Grade 70 Safety Chain w/Clevis hook (2 each)
Jack Top Wind Drop Leg Jack (8,000 lb.)

Available Options

[-JA04] Upgrade to Single 10k Jack (BP Only) [-JA09] Upgrade to Single 10k Jack [-JA13] Rear Trailer Support Jacks

Frame 5" Channel Frame

Available Options

[-CM12] 12" OC Crossmembers

Cross-Members 3" Channel Crossmembers on 16" Centers
Bump Rail Front Bump Rail
Floor 2" Treated Pine Lumber Deck

Available Options

[-SF03] 11ga DP Steel Floor on Dovetail [-BWOD] Blackwood Pro Outer Deck [-BWFD] Blackwood Pro Full Deck [-FLRO] Rough Oak Floor [-FLNF] No Flooring [-SF02] 11ga DP Steel Flr w/ Flushmount D-Rings &16" OC [-SF04] 3/16" DP Steel Floor w/ Flushmount D-Rings & 12" OC

Fenders 9" x 72" Treadplate Removable Steel Fenders

Available Options

[-FE01] 1/4" DP HD Weld on Fenders Tandem Axle [-FE03] Aluminum Fenders [-FE04] Weld on Fenders

Ramps 5' Slide-In Channel Ramps
Stake Pockets Stake Pockets along both sides (Quantity depends on length)

Available Options

[-2SPF] 2 Stake Pockets In Front of Trailer

Wiring All-Weather Wiring Harness (7-way RV)
Tires ST225/75R15 Radial Tires 8 ply (2,540 lbs.)
Paint Color [K] Black Powder Coat

Available Options

[K] Black Powder Coat [1] Primer + Red Powder Coat (Texas Only) [3] Primer + White Powder Coat (Texas Only) [5] Primer + Tractor Orange Powder Coat (Texas Only) [6] Primer + Grey Powder Coat (Texas Only) [8] Primer + Desert Tan Powder Coat (Texas Only) [P] Primer Only [Z] No Paint No Primer

Tie-Downs (6) Flushmount D-rings

Available Options

[-DR01] 1 Extra Pair D-Rings [-DR21] 1 Extra Pair Flushmount D-Rings [-SRRR] 2" Rubrail

Breakaway System Electric Breakaway System w/ Charger

Available Options

[-BYSC] Solar Battery Charger


Available Options

[-TB03] Full Size Divided Toolbox Upgrade [-TB05] Front Toolbox

Cargo Winch

Available Options

[-WN01] Plate for Winch (BP Only) [-WN03] Winch Plate w/ Welded Receiver Hitch [-WN12] Winch 12K w/Plate & Battery [-WN95] Winch 9.5k w/ Plate & Battery [-WNRR] Roller on Rear of Deck for Winch Cable

Tail [S] Straight Deck w/ Rear Slide-in Ramps

Available Options

[A] 2' Dovetail w/ 2 Fold-up Ramps [C] Straight Deck w/ 2 Fold-up Ramps [K] 2' Dovetail w/ Split Heavy Duty Gate [N] 2' Dovetail w/ 5' Rear Slide-in Ramps

Axle Configuration 52ES

Available Options


Other Options

Available Options

[-RATL] Ramp Gate Transition Lip

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Arsenic (inorganic arsenic compounds) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and Lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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