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83" Pro-Lift Dump (DT)

83" Pro-Lift Dump Trailer (DT)

Does getting a job done—especially big ones that are difficult and challenging—drive you? Then the 83" Pro-Lift Dump (DT) is for you

For professionals in construction, landscaping, and even waste management, the DT is engineered and designed to haul and transport heavy-duty, bulky cargo and debris. And it gets the job done with its first-rate 12-ton front-mounted telescopic cylinder and adaptable 2-way gate system, making unloading and loading an easy task instead of a back-breaking one. We know you’re driven; it’s time to get a trailer that has the same drive as you.

Trailer Specifications

83" Bed Width

14' – 16' Bed Lengths

14,000 lbs GVWR

9,750—11,920 lbs Load Capacity

Model Pull Type GVWR Empty Weight Bed Length Bed Width Tongue Length
DT (14') Bumperpull 14000 lbs 4080 lbs 14 83" 4' 10" (58")
DT (16') Bumperpull 14000 lbs 4250 lbs 16 83" 4' 10" (58")

Standard Feature Click + for Options
Axles [72BS] (2) 7,000# Electric / Spring

Available Options

[72BD] (2) 7,000# Electric / Drop Axle [82BS] (2) 8,000# Oil Bath w/14 Ply LR-G Tires Electric / Spring [92BS] (2) 7,000# w/14 Ply LR-G Tires Electric / Spring [92BD] (2) 7,000# w/14 Ply LR-G Tires Electric / Drop Axle [K2BS] (2) 8,000# Oil Bath w/215/75R17.5 LR-H Singles Electric / Spring [Y2BS] (2) 7,000# w/215/75R17.5 LR-H Singles Electric / Spring

Suspension 6-Leaf Slipper Spring Suspension
Tongue 8" x 13 lb. I-beam Tongue
Coupler [J] BP 2-5/16" Adjustable- Demco EZ-Latch

Available Options

[A] BP 2-5/16" Adjustable (14,000 lb.) [P] 3" Pintle Eye - Channel-Mount (20,000 lb.) [T] BP 2-5/16" Adjustable Coupler (20,000 lb.) w/HD 6-Hole Channel Bracket

Jack Drop Leg Jack (12,000 lb.)

Available Options

[-JA02] 2-Speed Gooseneck Jack Upgrade (12,000 lb.) [-JA04] Upgrade to Single 10k Jack (BP Only) [-JA17] Single 2-speed Jack (12,000 lb.) (BP Only)

Frame 8" x 13 lb. I-Beam Main Frame

Available Options

[-CM12] 12" OC Crossmembers

Cross-Members 3" Channel Crossmembers on 16" Centers
Floor 10ga. Steel Bed

Available Options

[-SF06] 7ga Smooth Plate Steel Floor w/ 4 D-Rings

Fenders 1/8" Treadplate Steel Fenders
Ramps 6' 6" Slide-In Channel Ramps
Stake Pockets Stake Pockets along both sides (Quantity depends on length)
Wiring All-Weather Wiring Harness (7-way RV)
Tires ST235/80R16 Radial Tires 10 ply (3,520 lbs.)
Paint Color [K] Black Powder Coat

Available Options

[K] Black Powder Coat [0] Primer + Black Powder Coat (Texas Only) [1] Primer + Red Powder Coat (Texas Only) [3] Primer + White Powder Coat (Texas Only) [5] Primer + Tractor Orange Powder Coat (Texas Only) [6] Primer + Grey Powder Coat (Texas Only) [8] Primer + Desert Tan Powder Coat (Texas Only) [P] Primer Only [Z] No Paint No Primer

Tie-Downs (4) D-Rings (Welded inside the Box)

Available Options

[-DR01] 1 Extra Pair D-Rings

Breakaway System Electric Breakaway System w/ Charger
Battery 12V Deep Cycle Battery

Available Options

[-BYEB] 1 Extra Battery [-BYSC] Solar Battery Charger

Charging System 110V Integrated Trickle Charger
Hydraulics Hydraulic - Power Up / Gravity Down
Lift Type 3-Stage Telescopic Cylinder
Sides 24" 10ga. UniWall Steel Sides

Available Options

[-SE24] 24" Side Extensions (Solid) [-SW03] 3ft Tall Sides [-SW04] 4ft Tall Sides

Steps Treadplate Step (Both Sides)

Available Options

[-TB02] Top Riser Toolbox

Tarp Roll-up Tarp Kit (Pull Bar) 7' x 20'
Cargo Winch

Available Options

[-WN01] Plate for Winch (BP Only) [-WN02] HD GN Winch Plate [-WN04] Gooseneck Winch Plate [-WN12] Winch 12K w/Plate & Battery

Tail [T] Split / Spreader Gate
Dump Gate 2-Way Gate (Barn Doors & Spreader Gate)
Axle Configuration 72BS

Available Options

72BD 82BS 92BD 92BS K2BS Y2BS

Lift Cylinder 120" Cylinder on 14' length & 144" Cylinder on 16' length
Other Options

Available Options

[-DON1] Removable Deck on the Neck (102" Wide 96" Long) [-GV09] 9,900 G.V.W.R. [-GV16] 16,000 GVWR Must have 16k coupler/7k axles min. [-RS01] Rear Support Stands

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Arsenic (inorganic arsenic compounds) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and Lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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