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Steel Service Body (GU)

The steel GU service body is unparalleled in quality, with long-lasting hardware, clean welds and powder coating, and remarkable durability. Tight-closing T compression latches and snug rubber gaskets protect equipment well.

Lengths Available

6' 6", 6' 8", 6' 9", 8' 2", 9' 2", 11' 1"

Finish Type

Super durable high gloss powdercoating with powder primer



4 / 6 Year - 48k Mile Limited Warranty

4 Year / 48,000 Mile Warranty on Manufacturing Defects. 6 Year No Rust

Finish Warranty
One (1) Year Limited Finish Warranty

PJ Truck Beds warrants its finishes to be consistent with industry standards for one (1) year after the date of original retail purchase, with the exception of “normal use” limitations set forth below and of deterioration due to use, physical damage, or exposure, such as chipping, scratching, fading, cracks in caulk seams, road salt, tar, or pressure washing. Rust streaking originating from areas where it is virtually impossible to achieve total paint or powder coat coverage, i.e. behind rub rails or where two or more metals adjoin, are considered to be consistent with industry standards and not covered.

Light Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on LED lights

Standard Feature Click + for Options
16-Gauge Galvanneal Body (A60)

Thick 16-gauge steel combined with heavy A60 coating is industry-leading and gives our service bodies both durability and strength.

Available Options

Ladder Racks
HD Material Rack
Remote Door Locks

Lock and unlock your toolbox doors remotely with the click of a button.

Universal Body And Bumper Mounting Kit
11-Gauge Galvanneal Deck

Our thick steel deck provides an excellent foundation for those working from them. The 11-Gauge steel prevents any sagging, flexing, or cracking of the deck.

Fuel Fill
Impact Resistance TPO
Stainless Steel Radius Fenders A durable and better-looking fender that will serve you well on the road.
Fender Panel
Removable Fender Panel

When common road damage occurs, our bolt-on, removable fenders make replacement easy without visits to the body shop.

Headache Rack

Available Options

Headache Racks For Ford, Ram, Chevy & GMC

An added piece of protection to prevent cargo from shifting into the cab should sudden stop, or a crash occur while the vehicle is in motion.

Recessed Rear Bumper With Vice Socket

Our recessed bumpers provide greater protection from rear impact accidents. If involved in a minor accident, the bumper can be readjusted and will not cause additional damage to the body.

Heavy Duty Rear Tailgate

When you haul materials on our decks, you can rest assured that our tailgates will be tough enough to keep the material inside of the deck. Need a step to get in the bed? These tailgates are rated at over 400 lbs., supporting even the largest operators to gain access into our bodies.

Multi Panel Doors With Internal Reinforcements

Acts as a seal that prevents wear and tear, and even provides stability when hanging tools on the doors when in transit. Our doors are reinforced in order to avoid flexing and sagging.

Black T Handle Compression with weather proof keyhole
Door Hinges
Stainless Steel Rod & Socket Door Hinges

Hinges will remain strong and resist corrosion even with exposure to road salt and other elements.

Door Holders
Gas Cylinder

Our gas shocks provide the strength that allows our doors to open smoothly and stay open, allowing for easier use.

Door Latches
Automotive Stainless Steel Rotary
Tie Downs
(4) Standard In Bed

More versatile tie-down points that are stronger and remain strong throughout the entire hauling process.

Two in Front, One in the Rear

Available Options

Flip Tops

Making it easier to store components for quick grab and store on both sides of your service body.

Vertical Front, Horizontal mid ship, horizontal or vertical rear box

Available Options

Horizontal Compartment Drawer
Horizontal Equipto Drawer Sets
Vertical Compartment Drawer
Vertical Equipto Drawer Sets

Locking your valuables is quick and easy, ensuring that you won't have to worry about theft.

Hook Sets

With a hook set system, you can add additional hanging storage options inside your service body.

Mounting Kits

Make installation quick and efficient with our mounting kits.

Remote Door Locks

Lock and unlock your toolbox doors remotely with the click of a button.

Equipment Cabinet
Toolbox Interior Finish
Powder Coated
Compartment Tops
1/8" Treadbrite Aluminum Compartment Tops

Solid aluminum compartment tops that provide strength to the tops of our toolboxes.

Weather Stripping
Automotive D Bulb Stripping

Weatherstripping is an essential feature for anybody. Our doors are sealed with D bulb weatherstripping to ensure that no moisture gains entry to the interior of our toolboxes.

Side Markers
3/4" Bullet Lighting
Frame Wiring
In Understructure


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