Utility Trailers

Designed to fit your needs through a variety of customizable options and accessories.

Whatever you’re dreaming about doing, our Utility trailers are ready for the task. They’re designed with the potential to add a wide variety of customizable options to ensure you have what you need to fulfill your dreams. From the 8’ single axle to the 22’ tandem (and everything in between) every trailer in this lineup is outfitted with premium materials and components to make sure you’re prepared for the long haul.


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14K Angle Pipetop Trailer (P8)

14K Angle Pipetop Trailer (P8)

16 – 26' Lengths

83" Deck Width

14,000 lbs GVWR

11,380—12,385 lbs Load Capacity

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60" Single Axle Channel Utility Trailer (U6)

60" Single Axle Channel Utility (U6)

8 – 10' Lengths

60" Deck Width

2,990 lbs GVWR

2,090—3,995 lbs Load Capacity

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77" Single Axle Channel Utility Trailer (U7)

77" Single Axle Channel Utility (U7)

10 – 14' Lengths

77" Deck Width

2,990 lbs GVWR

1,890—3,575 lbs Load Capacity

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83" Single Axle Channel Utility Trailer (U8)

83" Single Axle Channel Utility (U8)

12 – 14' Lengths

83" Deck Width

2,990 lbs GVWR

1,640—3,515 lbs Load Capacity

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60" Tandem Axle Channel Utility Trailer (UC)

60" Tandem Axle Channel Utility (UC)

10 – 14' Lengths

60" Deck Width

7,000 lbs GVWR

5,700—8,470 lbs Load Capacity

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77" Tandem Axle Channel Utility Trailer (UK)

77" Tandem Axle Channel Utility (UK)

10 – 18' Lengths

77" Deck Width

7,000 lbs GVWR

5,550—8,049 lbs Load Capacity

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83" Tandem Axle Channel Utility Trailer (UL)

83" Tandem Axle Channel Utility (UL)

12 – 22' Lengths

83" Deck Width

7,000 lbs GVWR

5,500—7,749 lbs Load Capacity

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  • 3 Year Frame/1 Year Limited Warranty

    All our utility trailers with a model year of 2010 or later receive a three year frame warranty and a one year limited warranty.

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  • Bulldog™ Coupler

    Each utility trailer features 2″ or 2 5/16″ Bulldog™ coupler (depending on the axle rating)—the toughest, most durable coupler in the trailer industry.

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  • Removable Sides (Rails & Uprights)

    Want to remove the sides of the utility trailer for a bulky load? All our utility trailers feature sides that can be removed by unbolting them from the frame.

    pj trailers removable side rails and uprights

    Known for their versatility, durability, and design, our utility trailers are loaded with great features and benefits.

    Our 3/16″ angle cross-members are much stronger than the more commonly used 1/8″ angle. They will withstand heavier loads and extend the life of your trailer.

    Our single and tandem axle utilities receive a 4″ channel frame standard. A c-channel frame is significantly stronger than the angle frames most manufacturers use.

    We use 4″ c-channel frames for the tongue on all our utility trailers. This ensures a great pulling trailer that can take on years of heavy use.

    Not only do our aluminum diamond plate fenders feature stunning looks, they reduce the overall weight of the trailer. Plus, they’re easily removed for off-road use or replacement.

    Each deck board is installed under a board cap (the front and rear bumper). This keeps the ends of the board from curling and lifting from the frame.

    All our utility trailers are equipped with a swivel-mount Bulldog™ jack. These zinc coated jacks are set back in the tongue so they do not interfere with your truck tailgate. They can also be quickly flipped up and down, saving you time and energy when compared to a traditional a-frame jack.

    We use Canadian spruce pine fir lumber for our utility trailers; known for not only its strength but good looks and durability.

    Our utility trailers are completely powder coated—even the underside—to help reduce corrosion and rust on the trailer frame. Powder coat is more durable and lasts longer than liquid paint while still providing a high gloss finish.

    Flush mounted lights inside the frame protects them from damage and debris—keeping your trailer legal and safe for whatever adventures you go on.

    Our utility trailer gates use 11-gauge expanded metal for additional strength and to help reduce sag between cross-members.

    Our utility trailers are built in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers trailer safety regulations.

    Undisputed leading manufacturer of trailer axles for over 50 years, Dexter axles are known for safe, reliable, and smooth performance. Plus, the E-Z Lube system makes bearing lubrication quick and easy.

    Radial tires feature better fuel economy, less vibration, a softer ride, and extended life due to less heat being generated by the tire.

    Our utility trailers are blasted with steel shot to remove surface contaminants and mill scale from the steel. Acid washing then removes any micro contaminants that sandblasting didn’t remove.

    Our utility trailers use a sealed wiring harness to protect wiring from water, dirt, and corrosion. This harness is enclosed in steel conduit throughout the frame of the trailer to further protect the wiring from ice, road debris, and physical damage. Plus, each light is simply plugged in and makes replacement easy.

    Our “J hook” gate latches are spring loaded and just need to be lifted to unlatch the gate. This means you will never have to keep up with loose lynch pins while unloading and loading your trailer.

    The outside frame utility gate is built out of 2″ x 2″ square tubing—making it much more rigid and durable when compared to an angle frame gate.

    Whether it is a single or tandem axle, all our channel utilities feature a wrap tongue that’s extended to the front of the fender—significantly increasing the strength and rigidity of the entire frame.

    Every one of our utility trailers features Lifetime LED tail lights standard (model year 2017 & newer) with a lifetime warranty. LED lights are brighter, faster, draw less current, and last longer than incandescent lights.


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