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Roll-Off Dump (DR)

Roll-Off Dumper Trailer (DR)

Purpose-built to be used at multiple job sites, the Roll-Off Dump Trailer (DR) is designed to haul hard for construction, junk removal, and dumpster rental businesses—featuring stacking bins that offer plenty of hauling capacity.

Engineered with professional-grade components to hold up against the toughest conditions, the DR is outfitted with a durable I-beam frame design, winch designed for roll-off applications, scissor-lift system, heavy-duty walls, and reinforced sides. It's a trailer with the drive to take a beating and keep going and going.

Trailer Specifications

83" (Bin) & 96" (Deck) Deck Width

14 – 14' Deck Lengths

14,000 lbs GVWR

10,000—11,680 lbs Load Capacity

Model Pull Type GVWR Empty Weight Bed Length Bed Width
DR (14') Bumperpull 14000 lbs 4000 lbs 14 83" (Bin) & 96" (Deck)

Standard Feature Click + for Options
Axles [72BS] (2) 7,000# Electric / Spring

Available Options

[82BS] (2) 8,000# Oil Bath w/14 Ply LR-G Tires Electric / Spring [92BS] (2) 7,000# w/14 Ply LR-G Tires Electric / Spring

Suspension 6-Leaf Slipper Spring Suspension
Tongue 6" Channel Tongue
Coupler [J] BP 2-5/16" Adjustable

Available Options

[A] BP 2-5/16" Adjustable (14,000 lb.) [P] 3" Pintle Eye - Channel-Mount (20,000 lb.) [R] GN 2-5/16" Round (25,000 lb.) [S] GN 2-5/16" Square (25,000 lb.) [T] BP 2-5/16" Adjustable Coupler (20,000 lb.) w/HD 6-Hole Channel Bracket

Jack Spring Loaded Drop Leg Jack (12,000 lb.)

Available Options

[-JA02] 2-Speed Gooseneck Jack Upgrade (12,000 lb.) [-JA05] 1 Hyd. Monster Jack™ (BP Only) [-JA06] 2 Hydraulic Monster Jacks™ (GN Upgrade) [-JA17] Single 2-speed Jack (12,000 lb.) (BP Only) [-JA18] Dual 2-Speed Jacks (BP Only) [-JA19] 2 Hydraulic Jacks for BP

Frame 6" Channel Frame
Cross-Members 3" Channel Crossmembers on 16" Centers
Fenders 1/8" Treadplate Steel Fenders
Wiring All-Weather Wiring Harness (7-way RV)
Tires ST235/80R16 Radial Tires 10 ply (3,520 lbs.)
Paint Color [K] Black Powder Coat

Available Options

[K] Black Powder Coat [0] Primer + Black Powder Coat (Texas Only) [1] Primer + Red Powder Coat (Texas Only) [3] Primer + White Powder Coat (Texas Only) [5] Primer + Tractor Orange Powder Coat (Texas Only) [6] Primer + Grey Powder Coat (Texas Only) [8] Primer + Desert Tan Powder Coat (Texas Only) [P] Primer Only [Z] No Paint No Primer

Breakaway System Electric Breakaway System w/ Charger
Battery (2) Power Volt Group 27 Batteries

Available Options

[-BYEB] 1 Extra Battery [-BYSC] Solar Battery Charger

Charging System 110V Integrated Trickle Charger
Hydraulics Hydraulic - Power Up / Down
Lift Type Scissor Lift
Sides 48" (Roll-Off Bin)
Cargo Winch

Available Options

[-WN02] HD GN Winch Plate

Tail [S] Straight Deck
Axle Configuration 72BS

Available Options

82BS 92BS

Lift Cylinder 5" x 21" Cylinder w/Scissor Lift
Other Options

Available Options

[-DON1] Removable Deck on the Neck (102" Wide 96" Long) [-GV09] 9,900 G.V.W.R. [-GV16] 16,000 GVWR Must have 16k coupler/7k axles min. [-KD01] 1 - Roll Off Dump w/Barn Door (Bin) [-KD02] 2 - 1 - Roll Off Dump w/Barn Door (Bin) [-KD03] 3 - 1 - Roll Off Dump w/Barn Door (Bin) [-KD04] 4 - 1 - Roll Off Dump w/Barn Door (Bin) [-KD05] 5 - 1 - Roll Off Dump w/Barn Door (Bin) [-KD06] 6 - 1 - Roll Off Dump w/Barn Door (Bin)

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