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ATV Trailers

When it’s time to haul your ATV, the last thing you need is a trailer that lets you down.  Our broad lineup of ATV trailers are designed with the ATV owner in mind.  Our trailers are built for extreme reliability and ease of use.

Every PJ ATV trailer comes equipped with our game-changing Ready Rail system. This patent pending system allows the frame uprights to serve as tie-down points using our Ready Ring D-rings. With Ready Rail finding those perfect tie-down points has never been easier.

We also equip our ATV trailers with Radial Tires, Bulldog™ Couplers, Bulldog™ Jacks, Spruce Pine Fir Flooring, and 4″ Channel Wrapped Tongues. Our ATV trailers also include our 3-year frame warranty, 3/16″ angle cross-members, LED tail lights, tube frame spring assist gates, removable aluminum fenders, and a sealed cold-weather wiring harness.

ATV Trailer Lengths

Our most common configuration for hauling a single four-wheeler is our 10 and 12 ft single axle models. Most full-size ATVs range from 72” to 84” in length.  We typically recommend at least a 10 ft model to give you adequate room for gas cans, coolers, and other gear.  If you plan on hauling two quads bumper to bumper, you should consider a 14’ single axle or a 16’ tandem axle utility.  The 83” x 14’ single axle with ATV ramps is a great choice for sideloading an ATV in the front, with the second unit parked behind it.  Typically, adding trailer length is relatively inexpensive.  If you are torn over two lengths, we typically recommend going with the longer size.

ATV Trailer Widths

Most full-size ATVs measure 40-48” wide. Our 60″ wide utility (U6) will give you the narrowest trailer for an ATV/quad. If you plan on towing your trailer behind your ATV on narrow trails, this will be your best choice.  If you plan on using your trailer for other vehicles such as UTVs and mowers, we think the 72″ U2 in a great all-around choice.   We frequently build 83” wide ATV trailers with side load ramps when a customer is wanting to side-load their quad.  Our Ready Rail accessories will allow you to preserve precious deck space by increasing cargo storage outside the rails.  Most of the accessories will not exceed the width of the trailer.

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ATV Side Load Ramps

If you plan on sideloading your ATV our ATV side load ramps are a must-have. These ramps replace the uprights and rail in front of your axle. The ramps can be used to sideload an ATV or dirt bike. They are also great for loading pallets from the side with a forklift.

Recommended Options

We recommend equipping your UTV trailer with Ready Rings for multiple tie-down points (they even work on the front rail). The Ready Rail Bed Divider also can help keep your cooler, gas can, and other gear from sliding around the bed. Other popular options include a spare tire & mount and 22″ solid metal sides with a pipe-top rail.  Some customers opt for a fold-in gate or a bi-fold gate to reduce wind drag.

Buggy Haulers & Deckovers

One of the most versatile units we build for hauling multiple quads is our 5″ Channel Buggy Hauler (B5). With a 102″ width and drive over fenders, you will have the most loading options while also keeping a low deck height.  The B5 is also great if you want to load larger buggies and rock crawlers. Our Medium Duty Deckover 6″ Channel (L6) is also a great trailer for loading UTVs and ATVs. Most customers order the L5 with slide ramps so they can be used for sideloading.

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