Unloading a John Deere skid steer from the Voyager Dump Trailer (DV)

Skid Steer Trailers

The endless variety of attachments and small size make skid steer loaders powerful machines for tough jobs in tight places. Most skid steer owners are looking for a trailer that is low to the ground with room for attachments and is extremely durable. The following guide will help you select the best trailer for your skid steer.





Skid Steer Trailers (Low-Boy)

Our most popular skid steer trailer model is our 6″ Channel Equipment Trailer (CC). They are equipped with tandem 7,000 lb. axles and have a 25″ deck height. The 2′ Dovetail with HD Fold-up Ramps is an ideal ramp and tail setup for skid steers. If you would like to store your pallet forks without wasting deck space we recommend the pallet fork holder option.

Pro-Beam™ series
If you’re looking for the ultimate workhorse to haul your track loader, check out the Pro-Beam™ series of equipment trailers. The Pro-Beam™ lineup offers a higher GVWR and wider deck width options. Some of the features include an ultra-low deck height, upgraded axles, suspension, wheels, and tires.

Upgrade to a 3.5′ Dovetail with Monster Ramps and make loading a breeze. These giant ramps offer a wide platform for safely loading a skid steer in various environments. Operation is simple as the Monster Ramps are spring-loaded to assist in lifting them from the deck and from the ground.

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Skid Steer Trailers (Deckover)

With a deck width of 96″ or 102″, our 8″ I-Beam Deckover (F8) is an ideal choice for a wider tracked skid loader. The F8 starts at a length of 16′ and can be ordered all the way to 30′ if you need to haul wide materials and your skid steer to the job site. If you’re after a smoother ride, check out the dual or triple Torsion 8,000 lb. Oil Bath Axles.

Skid Steer Tilt Trailers

Our most popular skid steer tilt trailer model is our 6″ Channel Equipment Tilt (T6). This tilt has a 14k rating and is available in lengths from 16 to 24 feet. It comes standard with a cushion cylinder allowing it to smoothly tilt. Most skid steer customers prefer to order the 20 ft T6 model that has a 4 ft stationary deck to hold attachments. We also have a deckover tilt model called the T8 that gives you a 102″ wide deck.

Skid Steer Dump Trailers

he best skid steer dump trailers are our low-profile dump models. The 83″ Low Pro Dump (DL) has a 24″ deck height making it extremely easy to load and is available in 12,14 and 16 ft lengths. If you’ll be hauling any additional skid steer attachments, the additional length of the 16 ft trailer gives you the spare room you’ll need. Also note, rear slide-in ramps & d-rings are included in all of the dump trailers listed here as a standard feature.

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