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NATM’s Trailer Safety Week

NATM’s Trailer Safety Week starts today! NATM's mission is to improve road safety through education on safe trailering practices. In our series of safety videos, we cover topics ranging from hitching safety to cargo securement to trailer maintenance. Check out the safety video playlist below and tap the link for more safety info!

New Product: H6 & H7 – Pro-Beam™ Equipment Trailer Models

Super-wide Models added to the Pro-beam™ Series Today, we launch two new additions to the Pro-Beam™ Series Equipment models: the 8" Pro-Beam™ Super-Wide Equipment (H6) and the 10" Pro-Beam™ Super-Wide Equipment (H7). These two new models add a 102" deck width to our Pro-Beam™ Series. The H4 and H5 models have generated a lot of interest and, with the addition of the new wider deck, the H6 and H7 [...]

New Product: Rollster™ Roll-Off Dump

Introducing A New Multiuse Dump Trailer Today, we announce the newest model in our Dump lineup: the Rollster™ Roll Off Dump (DR). This versatile roll-off dump is the ideal solution for any job site that requires waste removal or equipment/supplies delivered onsite. Easily service multiple job sites with a single trailer and buy extra bins or skids as needed! Check out the link below for more info. Rollster™ Roll [...]

American Trailer Works Manufactures 3 Millionth Trailer

May 31, 2016 - By Aaron Barnes American Trailer Works (ATW), North America's largest manufacturer of utility and cargo trailers, announced today that it had reached another milestone in the trailer industry with the manufacture of its three millionth trailer. ATW, which manufactures trailers at 12 locations across North America under the Carry-On, PJ, RC and Middlebury Trailer brands, built its 3 millionth trailer at its new aluminum trailer manufacturing plant [...]