The Pro Maxx Gen 3 Air Suspension was developed by Ridewell Suspensions and PJ Trailers. This suspension is the smoothest riding gooseneck air suspension on the market and is exclusive to PJ Trailers. Expect greatly improved driver comfort and excellent cargo protection with the Pro Maxx Gen 3 suspension. The Pro Maxx Gen 3 system also uses the highest quality premium components from major manufacturers.


  • Ride Quality – Reduces the chucking (push-pull) of the tow vehicle and lessening the fatigue of the driver and passengers.
  • Cargo Protection – Smoother ride protects sensitive cargo
  • Reduces Wear & Tear – Less trailer bouncing/jarring extends life of components and trailer frame
  • 5 Year Warranty – Ridewell offers a 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Adjustable Deck Height – Deck height can be lowered for loading & unloading
  • Lift Axle Av