Want to load lower cars on your PJ car hauler or prefer wider ramps? The XL rear slide-in ramps are the perfect ramps for you.

These ramps are 4″ wider and 17″ longer than the standard car hauler ramp. Due to the extra length, the load angle is reduced from 18 degrees to just 14 degrees. With rear slide ramps you no longer have to remove a ramp from the side of the trailer and carry it to the rear bumper. You simply open the rear ramp doors, slide your ramp out, and place it on the ramp support bar.

  • XL ramps are 4″ wider and 17″ longer than the standard 12″ x 60″ ramp.
  • Decreases the load angle by 4 degrees
  • Easier and safer loading due to extra ramp width and lower load angle
  • Tandem axle trailers must be 24 ft or longer, Triple axle trailers must be 34′ or longer.
  • Does not work on when 80″ frame is required (torsion and 8k axles)
  • Ramps are made from channel construction
  • Available with a straight, 2 foot, or 4 foot dovetail
  • Ramps rated 6,500 lbs each
  • Available on:
    • B8 & C8 (see length rules above)
    • B6 & CC (24 foot only)

 Note: XL Rear Slide-in Ramps on B8 w/ a 4 ft dovetail pictured