Our 4ft dovetail w/ flip over ramps give you all the loading benefits of a dovetail and the ability to load cargo (bales, pallets, etc) on the ramps. The ramps are spring assisted which makes them extremely easy to flip over. The 4 ft tail gives you increased rear bumper clearance over the 5 ft dovetail.

  • New 4 ft tail gives increase ground clearance
  • Spring Assisted Ramps
  • Ramps flip over to lay flat on deck to load secured cargo on
  • Self cleaning, high traction dove tail
  • Ramp Dimensions: 21″ wide x 50″ long
  • Ramps are double hinged
  • 4″ x 8″ tube rear bumper to protect lights
  • Available in both 2 and 3 ramp versions
  • Available on 8″ I-beam Deckover (F8) only

 Note: Only the rear of the ramp touches the ground during loading (not the full ramp bottom)