Towing Calculator & Guide

How much can my current or future tow vehicle and trailer combination tow?

We have created this simple towing calculator to help you stay within your load ratings and maintain a safe environment on the road.

We take the guessing out of safe hauling!

Tow Vehicle Trailer Secure Load

I’m ready to hit the road…. Not so quick. Knowing how to tow a trailer safely is more than proper driving techniques, load securement, and maintenance. All of that won’t matter if you have exceeded the maximum weight ratings of your tow vehicle, trailer or both!

Exceeding the weight ratings can add additional stress on your tow vehicle’s engine and drive-train, including your brakes and tires. Not only can this add to the chance of serious maintenance issues, not following the recommended weight ratings can lead to severe malfunctions, which can result in injury or even death.

Can your tow vehicle handle the trailer you want? What’s the maximum load your tow rig can handle?

We have created this interactive towing calculator & guide, so you never have to wonder if your tow vehicle is underrated or will that load exceed the maximum rating for your trailer.

Need to brush up on your Weight Rating Terminology?

GVWR, GCWR, GCVW Hitched, Payload Capacity, Cargo Weight, Curb Weight??? Don’t let all of this jargon confuse you, we have a complete Terminology section to keep you in the know.

Trailer Safety Resources

Proper hauling, driving, and loading practices are all a part of keeping you and others safe on the road. Check out our collection of resources, including a checklist and a series of safety videos.