Frequently Asked Questions2020-06-04T09:43:50-05:00

PJ Trailers FAQ

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for PJ Trailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy trailers directly from PJ Trailers?2020-06-03T16:45:25-05:00

No, trailers must be purchased through a dealer. Go to our Dealer Finder to find the dealer closest to you.

How do I file a warranty claim?2020-06-03T17:20:21-05:00

Step 1.
Register your trailer via our online Warranty Registration form.

Step 2.
Complete the Warranty Request Form.

Step 3.
A customer service representative will contact you regarding the next steps.

How do I get a replacement VIN sticker?2020-06-04T08:44:10-05:00

A replacement VIN sticker can be requested by filling out a VIN Request Form.

How much do your trailers cost?2020-06-03T16:45:43-05:00

PJ Trailers does not price trailers from our office. All trailer pricing is handled through PJ dealers.

How should I maintain my battery?2020-06-03T16:30:10-05:00
While the battery will receive a minimal charge when connected to your tow vehicle, we recommend using the integrated trickle battery charger. The charger is included inside the toolbox and is pre-wired to the battery. To fully charge your trailer battery, plug in a 110v extension cord to the outlet on the exterior of the toolbox.
If my VIN sticker is missing, where can i find a identifing number?2020-06-04T11:00:39-05:00
If your VIN sticker is missing or damaged, you can locate the last 7 digits of the VIN (Serial Number) stamped in the tongue or welded on the inside the frame. You can get a replacement sticker by filling out a VIN Request Form.
What are the paint codes that match the factory powder coat colors?2021-05-11T14:16:54-05:00
Sherwin Williams
  • [G] Grey Powder Coat / DAS8-70046
  • [K] Black Powder Coat / PBS9-70002
  • [N] Tractor Orange Powder Coat / PES9-20010
  • [R] Red Powder Coat / PRS8-70168
  • [T] Desert Tan Powder Coat / DHS4-60033
  • [W] White Powder Coat / PWS8-70022
What hydraulic fluid should I use?2020-06-03T16:13:49-05:00
We recommend using Dextron III or Chevron AW 32 non-foaming hydraulic fluid.
What is Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR)?2020-06-03T16:36:43-05:00

The Gross Axle Weight Rating is maximum total weight to be carried by a single axle. This weight rating must never be exceeded.

What is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)?2020-06-03T16:34:46-05:00

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is maximum total weight of the fully loaded trailer including cargo. This weight rating must never be exceeded.

What is the warranty on my trailer?2020-07-22T13:59:25-05:00

All PJ Trailers come with a Three (3) Year Frame and One (1) Year Limited Warranty.

Please review the following document for the full PJ Trailers Warranty Policy.

PJ Trailers Warranty Policy


Where can I find the owner’s manual for Dexter Axles?2020-06-03T17:04:08-05:00

Owners manuals for Dexter axles are located at:

Where can I get a manual for my PJ Trailer?2020-06-03T16:41:24-05:00

Visit our Support section to download our trailer manuals.

Where can I purchase OEM parts for my trailer?2020-06-03T17:10:10-05:00