Trailer Pricing

What makes the PJ Trailers business model the right solution for the customer? Dive deep in how the dealer approach saves you, the consumer, the most money and the best customer service.

How do I get a price on a PJ Trailer?

The best way to get a price is to contact one of our 300+ independent dealers by using our dealer finder. Our dealers will be able to give you a quote on the trailer delivered to their location. You will also be able to see estimated current inventory levels for many of our dealers.

Can I buy direct from the factory?

At PJ Trailers, we believe your dealer operating in your market can provide you the trailer you need at the most competitive price. And your PJ Trailers dealer will be there to provide the service, support and guidance you may need over the many years you will use your trailer. Our dealers provide a high-quality customer service experience that you cannot get when you buy factory direct.

Locate a Dealer Near You

Why don’t we have factory stores?

Factory stores are no cheaper than independent dealers.

When a trailer manufacturer owns a factory store they still have all the same overhead costs that an independent dealer would have. This includes buying or leasing a building with land, staffing, equipment, tools, insurance, & utilities. Factory stores with “factory direct pricing” is an illusion. They can actually be more expensive since they have to absorb more of these “fixed costs” on their one product line. Also