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Ready Rail® is a patent pending rail system that allows the user to customize their trailer to their specific needs through bolt-on accessories. With Ready Rail®, your trailer can transform over its life to match your ever-changing needs. Ready Rail® is available exclusively on PJ Trailers. Current Ready Rail® equipped models include U2, U6, U7, U8, P7, & P8.

Ready Rail System

Ready Rail Brochure

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Accessories Available

Ready Rail Ready Rings

Ready Rings

PJ Part #180000

Ready Rail Landscape Toolbox

Landscape Toolbox

PJ Part #180002

Ready Rail Tire Mount

Spare Tire Mount

PJ Part #180006

Ready Rail Tool Rack

Tool Rack

PJ Part #180005

Ready Rail Bench Vise

Bench Vise

PJ Part #180004

Ready Rail Bed Divider

Bed Divider

60″ PJ Part #180003
72″ PJ Part #180008
77″ PJ Part #180009
83″ PJ Part #180010

Ready Rail Cooler Rack

Cooler Rack

PJ Part #180001

Ready Rail Trimmer Rack Adapters

Trimmer Rack Adapter

PJ Part #180007

Ready Rail Pipe Utility Rack

Pipe Utility Rack

PJ Part #180012