Power Tail (Patent Pending)


The Power Tail (patent pending) is a hydraulic powered trailer tail that replaces typical trailer ramps with a 100% powered ramp system. This allows you to make the trailer ready to load and unload at the touch of a button. The tail rotates a full 180 degrees to serve both as a tail for loading and deck for storing cargo.

The PJ Power Tail is easier, safer, faster, and more reasonably priced than anything else on the market.

Never Lift Another Ramp

Gone are the days of physically flipping multiple ramps then carefully adjusting their position to load your equipment. With the touch of a button you will be able to quickly raise and lower the entire tail, saving your back and your time

Tail Lays Flat to Extend the Deck

In the closed position the tail is completely flat, allowing equipment & cargo to be loaded on top of the diamond plate on the Power Tail. This also reduces wind drag significantly compared to stand-up ramps.

Confidence-Inspiring and Safe

The super wide Power Tail gives you the confidence to load and unload equipment without the fear of missing a ramp. The angle cross-members are used on both the dovetail and Power Tail to maximize traction in all-weather situations. Also, the knife edge tail eliminates the initial “bump” when loading that can cause wheel spin.

Shorter and Lighter

Since the tail folds flush to the deck, you don’t have to worry about the 4-5 ft of tail overhang that is common on hydraulic dovetails. This fold-over tail and single cylinder design keep the Power Tail short and relatively light to maximize payload capacity. This allows the Power Tail to be installed on short 14k single wheel goosenecks (20 feet) all the way up to triple axle stepdeck trailers as long as 53 feet.

Smart and Highly Efficient Design

The Power Tail (patent pending) uses a single hydraulic cylinder to rotate the tail a full 180 degrees. This ingenious tail design is very mechanically efficient, using just a few moving parts with no wasted movement. This greatly reduces the overall cost and weight of the Power Tail.

Other Benefits

  • Self-cleaning angle dovetail & tail allows dirt to easily pass through
  • Knife-edge tail eases the loading of small wheeled/low clearance vehicles & equipment
  • Heavy duty tail built for loading heavy equipment
  • Diamond plate tail cover offers snag-free platform for cargo
  • Includes self-contained KTI hydraulic pump system with wired remote (wireless remoteavailable)
  • Tail is spring assisted for smooth operation
  • Faster than hydraulic dovetail
  • Quieter than flip-over ramps (stops ramp bounce)
  • Includes ramp support arms for upright storage
  • Tail evenly distributes weight when loading, preventing the tail from “burying up” or damaging turf
  • Includes an integrated flush-mount 110v battery charger to plug into wall outlet
  • Works with all available suspension choices (Air, Torsion, Spring, Hutch)

Power Tail Specs

  • Models Available: FS, FD, LS, LD, L3 & SD
  • Tail footprint: 72″ long x 94″ wide tail footprint
  • Tail cover material: 11 gauge diamond plate
  • Cross-members: 2″ x 2″ x 3/16″ angle
  • Ramp Gussets: 10 gauge formed steel
  • Total Estimated Weight of Power Tail Option: 1100 lbs (includes tail, box, cylinder, battery, etc)