Hydraulic Monster Jacks™


The PJ Trailers self-contained hydraulic Monster Jacks™ make raising and lowering your trailer as simple as pressing a button.

This option is becoming more popular due to the amount of energy it takes to raise and lower the trailer. Not only do Monster Jacks™ save your back, they also save you time by reducing 1-2 minutes required to raise a trailer to around 5-10 seconds. You also will no longer need to bend over to raise & lower the jack foot after the trailer has been hitched to the truck.

  • 12k Jack Rating
  • Hydraulic Power Up & Down
  • 5″ x 5″ Tube Construction
  • Oversized Jack Foot
  • KTI Hydraulic Unit
  • Interstate Deep Cycle Battery
  • Two-Button Remote
  • Parker Hoses & Fittings
  • Monster Jacks™ are Exclusive to PJ Trailers
  • Hydraulic Unit and Battery Contained in Locking Front Toolbox
  • Hydraulic Unit and Battery can be mounted in a side mount toolbox for an additional charge
  • Option Code:
    • JA06 (Gooseneck Dual Jacks)
    • JA05 (Bumperpull Single Jack)
Monster Jacks