Blackwood Rubber-Infused Lumber (Patent Pending)

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What is Blackwood?

Blackwood is a wooden lumber product with rubber infused to the top of each board. Blackwood Pro has rubber layer that covers the entire top surface of each board. Blackwood solves several age old trailer lumber problems.


Blackwood considerably improves traction over typical lumber. Better traction makes for easier loading and unloading especially in wet weather conditions. Also, with the tactile surface of Blackwood your cargo is less likely to slide and shift while towing your trailer.


Blackwood is an exceptionally durable trailer deck solution. The industrial grade rubber in Blackwood is also used in other extreme wear, high impact applications like absorbing bullets at indoor gun ranges. The rubber helps absorb heavy impacts that might crack or damage typical lumber. This ultra-durable material also can handle twisting and torque of equipment like skid steers without issue.

Lumber Quality

Blackwood is made with Weyerhauser Treater Series Lumber that is even better than our standard pressure treated No 2 pine. Treater series lumber goes through strict computerized grading that greatly minimizes warping. This patented process makes for a very consistent and stable trailer deck.

Safety & Comfort

Blackwood increases your traction when walking on the trailer deck. This helps prevent slipping & falling, improving your personal safety. Also, if you spend a lot time walking or working on your trailer deck it is more comfortable for your feet and knees than typical lumber.

Looks Great, Lasts Longer

Since the majority of the surface of Blackwood is rubber, it doesn’t fade and age like wood. It is UV resistant, won’t stain, and can be easily cleaned with water. The rubber surface also helps keep the board unified to reduce cracking or splitting as it ages. With Blackwood your trailer deck will look newer and more professional for many years to come.


Blackwood is not recommend for steel tracked vehicles like bulldozers. The only lumber option we recommend for steel tracked vehicles is rough oak. Due to variances in trailer widths, some trailers will receive a combination of 2×6 and 2×8 lumber, potentially making the pattern asymmetrical. The “spacer” board that is custom cut will not always be in the center of the deck.