PJ for a Cause Supports The Victory Project

PJ For A Cause, in conjunction with Midway Trailers, has proudly donated a new PJ Dump Trailer and $10,000 to the Victory Project in Dayton, OH. This significant contribution will be instrumental in furthering the Victory Project’s mission of empowering young men through education, entrepreneurship, and enlightenment. The dump trailer will be used for their work program, which allows at-risk youth to gain on-the-job training, while the financial support will assist in funding their expanding tutoring and after-school programs.

These generous donations have been made possible through our collaboration with Synchrony.

Midway Trailers: A Vital Partner in Community Support

Midway Trailers, our esteemed local dealer partner, played a crucial role in facilitating this donation to The Victory Project. Known for their dedication to community and service, Midway Trailers exemplifies the spirit of giving back. To learn more about Midway Trailers and their community initiatives, please visit their website.

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The Victory Project: Empowering Young Men

The Victory Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving young men in Dayton, ages 12 to 17. They focus on transforming these young men into respectful, responsible individuals through education and personal development. This organization is a pillar of hope in Dayton, bringing together resources and support to nurture the potential of these young individuals.

How to Support The Victory Project

Whether it’s through volunteering, donating, or supporting their initiatives, your contribution can also have a lasting impact for the Victory Project. Visit their website