PJ for a Cause Supports Eagle Mount Billings

PJ For A Cause, in partnership with CY Corp Trailers, has proudly donated a new PJ Equipment Trailer and $10,000 to Eagle Mount Billings. This significant contribution will be instrumental in furthering Eagle Mount Billings’ mission of providing adaptive recreational experiences to people with disabilities. The equipment trailer, equipped with features like Monster Ramps and a wider deck, will enhance their ability to transport essential equipment for various programs. The financial support will assist in expanding program offerings and providing scholarships for participants.

These generous donations have been made possible through our collaboration with Synchrony.

CY Corp Trailers: A Vital Partner in Community Support

CY Corp Trailers, our esteemed local dealer partner, played a crucial role in facilitating this donation to Eagle Mount Billings. Their involvement with Eagle Mount Billings dates back to 1988, reflecting their long-standing dedication to community service and support. To learn more about CY Corp Trailers and their community initiatives, please visit their website.

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Eagle Mount Billings: Creating Adventures, Breaking Barriers

Eagle Mount Billings is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities through adaptive recreation. They offer a range of activities that allow participants to experience the thrill of adventure and the joy of achievement. Eagle Mount Billings is committed to helping individuals live life without limits, regardless of their age or ability.

How to Support Eagle Mount Billings

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